flag of Greece


La Grèce is a country where you will find lot of information in inhabited areas, but you need to understand them.

The easy guide is about main cities, regions, islands and landscapes.

The intermediate guide shows your more cities and introduces you to the phone area codes, which are the most usefull information for playing this country.

The tryhard guide gives you a lot more details about area codes and gives you a link to learn how to read greek..

Regions and main cities

Regions are not worth learning sonce they're rarely mentionned, however city names are very usefull.

regions of Greece

Specificity : Mount Athos is a separate area with a religious government, it is the equialent of Vatican but for orthodox christians.


The biggest island is Crete in the south, with a lot of streetview coverage.

There are also several islands and archipelago :

Islands of Greece

It gives you a general idea, but it is more usefull to learn city names rather than island names , see the intermediate guide for that.


The country is divided in 3 main areas :

landscape map of Greece

Crete is both very arid and very mounainous.

Crete landscape
Crete landscape
Crete landscape

Peloponnese is hilly and dry, but less than Crete.

Peloponnese landscape
Peloponnese landscape
Peloponnese landscape

The northern part is either mountains covered with plants or agricultural plains.

mountain landscape
mountain landscape

The steepiest mountains are in the south west.

steep mountain landscape

What should you learn to be good?

The 3 most usefull things to know are : cities, area codes, know how to read greek.

Greek phone numbers

You will find landlines number everywhere in Greece. You can know your location quite precisely with those numbers.

Phone numbers are 10 digits long. If you see less than 10 digits, then they didnt specify the area code which is the interesting part, so you should ignore those numbers.

Landlines start with a 2, cell phones start with a 6. If you find a phone number starting with 0, it is an old number, you just need to switch the 0 with a 2 and you're good to go.

Understanding phone numbers with an example : let's say 23810 12345.

-10 digits long and starts with a 2, so this is a valid phone number for us.

-23 gives the region, around Thessaloniki.

-238 is the sub-region of Edessa.

-2381 means we are in Edessa city, since the 1 is always the most important city of the area.

For now i recommend that you remember the main areas :

area codes map

Main cities

There is this Seterra Quiz for the main greek cities.

Detailed phone numbers

Islands in parenthesis have no streetview coverage

area codes detailed map

Note : 1 = main city, for example 21 = Athenes and 231 = Thessaloniki. 9 = area around the main city , for axample 29 = around Athenes and 239 = around Thessaloniki.

This geoguessr map is made specifically for training : Greece : phone numbers