Mongolia has a very low density of population and not so much streetview coverage, but with many meta. This page is simply an introduction for people who do not know much about meta in Mongolia. It's a basis, and can be used as a quick way to identify major areas. A very complete guide can be found in google doc format : Mongolia by Kommu.

The different metas

There are many car meta in MOngolia, here are the main ones :

The tent, with 3 main options :

no tent (we see the car) light whitish tent dark blueish tent
Mongolia meta : no tent
Mongolia meta : white tent
Mongolia meta : blue tent

The spare wheel at the rear of the vehicle, for introduction we're only interested if we see it in a net :

Mongolia meta : spare wheel in a net

Orange straps in the roof bars :

orange straps meta

There are many different arrangements, some are unique to a specific area. For example, only 1 strap on the right -> right end of the country.

The simplified meta map

map of mongolian meta

-winter/snow streetview is around Oulaan Bator and Erdenet.

-deserts are in the south, one area has no tent and one area has a blue tent.

-the net on the spare wheel is unique to the west of the country.

-the white tent is unique to the northwestern area.

-in the east, some orange straps arrangements are unique.

-trees can only be found in cities or in the northern part of the country. The area with the tree icon is not the only place where you can find trees, you can alos find some in the northwest (but with the white tent) or the north east (but with the special strap arrangement).